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How can I reset my passcode with my recovery phrase?
How can I reset my passcode with my recovery phrase?

Detailed information about passcode reset on DeFi Wallet

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In the unfortunate event that you forgot your wallet's 6-digit passcode, you can always reset your passcode with your recovery phrase. 

A recovery phrase is a key to accessing your wallet and funds, it usually consists of 12/18/24 randomly generated words and is generated when you first create a wallet. 

If you have incorrectly entered your 6-digit passcode 5 times within 30 minutes, your app will be locked for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, if you still can’t remember your passcode, you may remove your wallet from the device then import the wallet again with your recovery phrase and reset the passcode 

What to do if you can’t access your DeFi Wallet app anymore?

  1. Have your 12-word recovery phrase ready

  2. Delete the app

  3. Reinstall the app

  4. Tap [Import an existing wallet] and recover your wallet with the 12-word phrase. You will be able to create a new passcode once the wallet import is successful

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