App users can convert cryptocurrency dust to MCO/CRO.

What is cryptocurrency dust? 

Cryptocurrency dusts are small amounts of cryptocurrency under the minimum trade (BUY/SELL) limits.

The minimum trade limit for most crypto on the App is equivalent to approximately 0.003 BTC.  

Please refer to “Fees & Limits” under Settings in the app for exact trade limits of each cryptocurrency.

How do I know if I have any crypto dust?

On the Accounts page, there is dust button (upper right corner) that will display a notification (orange dot) if you have dust in your crypto wallet(s).

How many crypto dust(s) can I convert?

Up to 5 dusts per conversion.  There are no limits on the number of dust conversions, allowing our users to have more usable crypto.

Any fees to convert dust to MCO/CRO?

No, the conversions from dust to MCO/CRO will be based on the rates on the App without added fees.

Which cryptocurrency is supported?

All supported crypto available in your App, excluding MCO/CRO.

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