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Registration & Approval
How to Register and Approve Pay for Business Merchant Account?
How to Register and Approve Pay for Business Merchant Account?

Information on application and registration as Pay for Business Merchant

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How do I register for a Pay Account?

Merchant Registration for Pay is now open. You may sign up for an account directly from our website.

What should I expect after submitting my Pay Account Application?

It takes a few business days for our team to review an application. You will receive an email notifying the status of your application with the next steps once it has been reviewed by our team.

Could I register for multiple Pay Accounts?

Merchants that would like to register different business entities are required to open separate Pay accounts. However, merchants that operate different businesses under the same company could use the same Pay account.

What are the possible reasons my application is rejected? strives to be a compliant provider of financial services. We work closely with our external legal advisers to monitor the developments of industry regulation to ensure we provide a safe and reliable payment solution for our merchants.

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