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How do I export my Transaction History? (Exchange)
How do I export my Transaction History? (Exchange)

Download your Exchange transaction history in a CSV file

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Which Exchange transactions can be exported?

The following transactions can be exported:

1. Wallet Transactions History:

All fund movements and position settlements within your wallet from 1 Nov 2022 onwards. You can see journal entries of deposits, withdrawals, trading, session settlement, margin interest, lockup activities and rewards, and airdrops, among others.

2. Wallet Deposits & Withdrawals:

All deposits and withdrawals of crypto assets into and out of the Exchange in detail.

3. Order History and Trade History:

All orders and trades executed on the Exchange from 1 Nov 2022 onwards.

  • The ‘Instrument’ column will note if a record is a Spot instrument or a Derivatives instrument

  • The ‘Margin Order’ column indicates if a trade is a Spot or Margin trade. ‘True’ means it is a Margin trade, and ‘false’ means it is a Spot trade.

  • See the section below to check how transaction histories were executed before 1 Nov 2022.

4. Lockup Rewards:

All records of CRO lockup interest and Soft Lockup interest

5. Referral Rewards:

All records of Referral Bonus rewards and trading fee commissions

6. Supercharger Rewards:

All records of rewards for users who participated in Supercharger via the Exchange. The Export function will be available for this set of transaction records soon, but you can copy and paste them in the meantime.

How do I export my Exchange transaction records?

Here’s how you can export your transaction history:

  1. Navigate to the relevant page of the report required

  2. Input the date range, select the filter(s), and click Search

  3. Click on the Export icon after inputting the required filter(s).

For Wallet Transactions History, Order History and Trade History:

  • After selecting the required filters, click on export to initiate the request. There will be pop-up window to confirm the selection. You may export multiple reports from these pages.

  • When the report is ready, it will be available to download from the “Export History” tab within 2 days.

  • Along with the data file, there will be a summary file. The summary file indicates if all data within the query range is successfully included, or if your export exceeds the maximum limit of 65,000 records. You may check to create a new export time range to capture the excess records.

For other pages, the export will run in the background and download automatically to your local folder when it’s ready. Do not refresh the browser, as it will cancel the export process. You can export one report at a time.

How much data can be exported?

For Wallet transactions, you can export up to a date range of one month. For all other reports, you can export up to 6 months of data. Reports are limited to 65,000 records.

How do I resolve failed exports?

Failed exports may occur because the data volume is too high. Please input a shorter date range and/or fewer instruments to resolve this. Do not refresh the browser, as it may interrupt the export process. If you have a high trading volume that exceeds the data limit, please email our Customer Support team at [email protected].

How do I check my transaction history before 1 Nov 2022?

The Archive section is available to users who had Exchange accounts before 1 Nov 2022, or prior to the 3.0 version upgrade. As detailed in the Gen 3.0 Exchange migration FAQ, all active and hidden wallets will be migrated into Sub-accounts.

Sub-accounts that were Spot Wallets or Margin Wallets will have the Archive section in the Dashboard menu. Users can switch to the corresponding Sub-accounts and navigate to the Archive section to review and export transaction histories before 1 Nov 2022.

Sub-accounts that were previously Spot Wallets:

  • Order History

  • Transaction History

  • Sub-account Transfer History

Sub-accounts that were previously Margin Wallets:

  • Order History

  • Transaction History

  • Borrowing & Repayment

  • Interest

  • Liquidation History

Sub-accounts that were previously Derivatives Wallets will not have an Archive section. The transaction and trade history will be available directly from the Wallet or Orders section. You will be able to access transaction histories before and after 1 Nov 2022 in the same ways as described above.

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