Which transactions in the Crypto.com Exchange can be exported?

1. Wallet Transactions History:

  • Spot Wallet: deposits and withdrawals (only available under master account)

  • Derivatives Wallet: all fund movements and position settlements

2. Order History:

  • Spot order and trade history

  • Margin order and trade history

  • Derivatives order and trade history

3. Staking Rewards:

  • CRO staking interest

  • Soft staking interest

  • Trading fees rebates

4. Referral Rewards:

  • Referral bonus

  • Trading fee commission

5. Supercharger Rewards: for users who participate in

  • Supercharger via exchange

How to export my Crypto.com Exchange transaction records?

1. Navigate to the relevant page for the reports required. Click on the Export icon.

2. Populate all information in export dialogue then click "Export to CSV’.

3. For Spot & Margin export, the generated report will be available to download on the

Export History tab.

For Derivatives export, the report will be automatically downloaded when ready. You

can exit the export dialogue while the report continues to run in the background.

However, do not refresh the browser as it will cancel the export process

How much data can be exported?

You can export for up to a date range of 6 months (except derivatives wallet transactions which support 1-month export). The data is limited to 45000 rows (65000 for all Derivatives data). The supported date range and row numbers are also indicated in the export dialogue.

How to resolve failed exports?

Failed exports may occur due to a large amount of data. To resolve this, please regenerate with a shorter date range and/or fewer instruments. Do not refresh the browser as it may interrupt the export process. If you have a high trading volume more than the data limit, please contact customer support to assist.

How do I check the previous transaction reports that I’ve generated?

For Spot and Margin, the generated reports are stored and available to be downloaded for the next 30 days. You may navigate to the relevant page and click ‘

Export’ to open up the dialogue, then visit the ‘ Export History’ tab to review the list of reports generated within the last 30 days. This is currently not available for Derivatives exports.

My account has been disabled for Margin and/or Derivatives, how can I check previous transaction history?

Navigate to Dashboard, the Archive section is available to users who previously had active Margin and/or Derivatives accounts. You will be able to get history in the same ways described above.

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