How do I withdraw my funds?

For regulatory reasons, you can only withdraw to the bank account that you used to deposit the funds, and the transfer method must also be the same. Please follow the steps below to initiate a withdrawal request:

  1. Open the App and tap ‘Transfer’ > ‘Withdraw’ > ‘Fiat’

  2. Select your BRL balance and tap ‘Withdraw BRL’

  3. Review the submission process and withdrawal limits, and tap ‘Withdraw Now’

  4. Insert your withdrawal amount and select the bank account you are withdrawing funds to

  5. Review and confirm the withdrawal request

We will notify you once the withdrawal is processed. Please note that it takes an average of 2 business days for processed funds to be reflected in your bank account.

Withdrawal Channels

To guarantee the successful withdrawal of your funds, please make sure that your banking institution supports your selected transfer method. You can withdraw to your bank account using the same transfer method that you used to deposit the funds into your Fiat Wallet.

If you deposited funds using

You will be able to withdraw funds using





Withdrawal Limits

Daily Limit



Monthly Limit


BRL 100( 24-hour rolling)


BRL 80,000 (30-day rolling)


20 Transactions

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