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As a Pay merchant, you’re able to take advantage of the world’s growing crypto adoption by reaching our over 50 million strong user base.

We have built several features to help our merchants succeed. Among them is the Pay Catalogue—a directory of shops that App users can easily browse and make purchases from every day.

To submit your shop listing for the Pay Catalogue, go to the Pay Merchant Dashboard → Settings → Business → Shop Information. Please see the Visual Guidelines below for details about optimizing your submission:

Visual Guidelines

1. Logo

Your logo is displayed in the Pay Catalogue with the product visual, as well as on the payment page when customers check out.

  • The logo will be displayed in a circular shape

  • Solid colour inside the circle

  • File Types: jpeg, png; Max. Size: 1 MB; Min. Dimensions: at least 100 x 100 px

Acceptable Logos

Circular logo
Clear text
No background photo (only graphic elements)

Unacceptable Logos

Non-circular logo

No margin to the edges

Logo is too small

Transparent background

Background photo

2. Product Visuals

Your product visual is displayed in the Pay Catalogue with your logo, so make sure it’s a high-quality image that represents your brand.

  • You need to own the image’s copyright

  • Non-transparent background

  • File Types: jpeg, png; Max. Size: 5 MB; Min. Dimensions: at least 500 x 500 px

Acceptable Product Visuals

Clear image showing the product or service

Unacceptable Product Visuals

Blank image
Transparent background

Not a squared image
Distorted image

Only shows logo

Combination with Logo

Good examples - The logo and product visual complement each other

Bad examples - An important part of the product visual is covered by the logo

Listing Review

Each listing in the Pay Catalogue will undergo a review process, so please ensure that your logo and product visuals adhere to the Visual Guidelines.

Important: To be listed, your shop must also be compatible with different devices (especially mobile) and include our Promotion Banner.

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