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What is Crypto Dusting?

All you need to know about Crypto Dusting on the Exchange

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What is Crypto Dusting?

Crypto Dust is a byproduct of trades and transactions found in most blockchains. It typically has a monetary value that is lower than the minimum trade (BUY/SELL) limits, which disallows users to trade the residual amount. has introduced Crypto Dust on Exchange to allow users to dust their residual coins to CRO.

How to Crypto Dust?

1. Click on Crypto Dust action button. The button can be located in:

a. Wallet > Balances

b. Trading Page > Balances

When users click on the Crypto Dust icon, a pop up will display all the coins that are eligible for crypto dusting.

2. Select the coins which you would like to instantly convert to CRO. Click “Convert Coins” to proceed.

*Please note that you can only select up to 20 small balances for each conversion.

3. Review and confirm the conversion to CRO on the Crypto Dust Confirmation pop up. The conversion rate is valid for 15 seconds. Click “Confirm Conversion” within 15 seconds to confirm.

After 15 seconds, the quote will expire and you will be prompted to refresh the quote.

Click “Refresh” to refresh the quote.

4. Once the conversion is successful, you will receive a notification. To review your transaction, refer to the Wallet > Transaction.

Please note that the fees incurred during Crypto Dusting will be reflected as negative CRO with CRYPTO_DUSTING Type.

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