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How do I view my BRC-20 tokens in the Wallet Extension?
How do I view my BRC-20 tokens in the Wallet Extension?

Learn how to view, send, and receive BRC-20 tokens in the Wallet Extension

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What is BRC-20?

BRC-20 is an experimental token standard for the Bitcoin network. It allows users to create and transfer tokens via the Ordinals protocol. To be precise, BRC-20 utilises Ordinal Inscriptions of JSON data to deploy, mint, and transfer tokens.

What are Ordinal Inscriptions?

Ordinal Inscriptions are digital assets inscribed on a satoshi (the smallest unit of BTC). The satoshi becomes non-fungible because it now has a unique identity. Inscriptions engraved via the Ordinals protocol allow essential data (e.g., text and images) to be contained within the Bitcoin blockchain.

What Bitcoin address formats does the Wallet Extension support?

The Wallet Extension currently supports the following address formats:

  1. Native SegWit

  2. Taproot

How do I switch between address formats before transferring my assets on Bitcoin?

Simply click the dropdown menu highlighted below. From there, you can select your preferred address format.

What functions does the Wallet Extension support for BRC-20 tokens?

You can view, send, and receive BRC-20 tokens. However, deploying, minting, and transferring inscriptions is currently not supported.

How do I view my BRC-20 tokens?

Your full list of BRC-20 tokens will be displayed when you select the Bitcoin network on the Wallet Extension’s homepage.

How do the ‘Available’ and ‘Transferable’ balances differ?

Your overall BRC-20 token balance consists of two amounts: ‘Available’ and ‘Transferable’. Here’s how they differ:

Available: This refers to the amount that has been received and minted, but is not inscribed into a transfer inscription yet.

Transferable: This refers to the amount that is inscribed into transfer inscriptions, but has not been sent out yet.

How do I receive BRC-20 tokens?

Click Receive on the Wallet Extension’s homepage after selecting the Bitcoin network and choosing your preferred address format. Then, share your wallet address by copying it or having the sender scan its QR code.

I own a set of BRC-20 tokens. Why can’t I see it in the Wallet Extension?

You will only be able to view BRC-20 tokens that the Wallet Extension supports. To request for a new token to be listed in the Wallet Extension, please visit our official Discord server or Telegram channel.

Why am I not able to send my BRC-20 tokens out?

To send BRC-20 tokens, you will need to inscribe them into a transfer inscription first. After doing so, the amount will be displayed under your ‘Transferable’ balance.

The Wallet Extension is currently unable to inscribe transfer inscriptions, but you can import a cryptocurrency wallet which contains BRC-20 tokens that are already inscribed.

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