Missing Fiat Deposits
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Understanding Fiat Deposit Issues

Typically, your fiat deposits are automatically credited to your fiat wallet upon receipt. However, there are a few instances where our system might not be able to identify deposits. When making fiat deposits to your wallet, it's important to ensure the following to avoid any delays or failures in the deposit process:

  • Name Match: The name on your bank account must fully match the name we have on record for you.

  • Personal Accounts: Deposits should be made from your personal bank account. Deposits from joint accounts may not be processed correctly.

  • Supported Banks: Ensure that your transfer is made from a bank (credit institution) within our supported network. Transfers from unsupported institutions, such as crypto exchanges or third-party payment processors may not be processed.

  • Identification or Reference Number: When making a deposit, correctly enter the required identification or reference number, which may vary by region.

What to Do in Case of a Missing Deposit?

Contact Us: Reach out to us through the in-app chat.

Provide Proof of Payment: Attach a document showing proof of payment. This should include (where applicable):

  • Your full name as the sender.

  • Date of the transaction.

  • Amount and currency of the transaction.

  • Sender's bank account details.

  • Recipient’s bank account details.

  • Identification/ Reference number.

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