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What is Convert in the Exchange?

The Convert feature in the Exchange allows you to convert tokens representing your local currency to a tradeable token. This enables you to access more Spot trading pairs or even Derivatives products like perpetual and futures contracts. Please note that the Convert feature and access to any Exchange product(s) are subject to jurisdictional limitations.

Which token pairs are available for Convert in the Exchange?

You can convert EUR to USD* and vice versa.

*USD in the Convert context including in the Convert APIs refer to the USD Bundle

How do I perform a conversion in the Exchange?

  1. Go to the Wallet page and locate the available tokens for the Convert feature. You can find the Convert entry point by clicking on the three dots next to tokens. These include EUR and USD.

  2. Alternatively, you can locate the entry point in the Balances widget within the Trade UI.

  3. Click on the Convert entry point. A modal will appear where you can enter your desired conversion amount.

  4. Enter the amount you wish to swap and click Continue to get a quote.

  5. Review the Convert details and the Convert T&Cs. Once you have reviewed them, click Confirm to accept and proceed.

  6. Congratulations! You have successfully converted your assets. The converted tokens will now be displayed in your Wallet.

  7. To view the transaction details for the conversion you made, navigate to Dashboard > Wallet > Transactions. Look for transactions labelled as Convert to find the relevant information.

Are there minimum and maximum amounts?

To perform a Convert transaction, a minimum quantity of 0.1 is required.

The maximum quantity allowed is 1,000,000 USD or your available balance, whichever is smaller.

What does the conversion rate represent?

The convert rate displayed on the Convert UI is indicative. The final rate will be shown on the confirmation page before you complete your conversion. Please note that the rate you see is only valid for a certain amount of time before requiring a refresh to update.

Is my conversion guaranteed?

While we strive to fully convert your desired amount, it's important to note that in the event of extreme price volatility, your conversion may fail or only partially complete even after a Confirmation. Any assets that are not converted will remain in your Wallet, allowing you to retry the conversion.

What can I use the converted tokens for?

You can use the converted tokens for trading and access offerings available to you in the Exchange. Alternatively, you can withdraw them from the Exchange, send them to another cryptocurrency wallet, or transfer them to the App.

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