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How do I whitelist withdrawal addresses in the Exchange?
How do I whitelist withdrawal addresses in the Exchange?

Information on how to whitelist a withdrawal address in the Exchange platform

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To whitelist external withdrawal addresses in your Exchange wallet, you need to do the following steps:

1. Log in to your Exchange account

2. After you have logged in, click Wallets in the left navigation bar

3. Navigate to the ‘Deposit & Withdrawal’ page, click on the ‘Withdrawal Whitelist’ tab, and select Add Withdrawal Address

4. Verify that the selected Coin matches the Address you are adding.

5. Choose the desired Network for the withdrawal.

6. Provide the necessary information: Source Wallet, Label, and Memo (if applicable).

7. If you need to add more addresses at once, click the "+" button and fill out the fields for each additional address.

8. To edit a previously added address, click on the address pill and make the necessary changes.

9. Click Proceed and enter your SMS OTP and 2FA code generated by your authenticator app.

10. Confirm the addresses by clicking Add Address.

11. You’re all set! Your addresses have been successfully added to your whitelist and you can now make withdrawals to those wallets.

**Please note there will be a 24-hour withdrawal lock on the newly added withdrawal address if the toggle is on in the Withdrawal Whitelist tab.

For more information on withdrawals from the Exchange, please visit:

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