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How do I upgrade my Visa Card? (APAC)
How do I upgrade my Visa Card? (APAC)

Step-by-step process on how to upgrade your APAC Visa Card

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Note: Depending on the jurisdiction you are based in, you will be required to either stake or lock up CRO tokens for 180 days.

How do I upgrade my Visa Card? (APAC)

1. Open the Card section in your App and click on the Card icon

2. Click on the Upgrade Card option

3. Select a Cro Lockup or Cardholder CRO amount and click on Continue

4. Review the Purchase & Stake or Hold Amount pop-up

5. Confirm the amount

6. The Lockup is complete or the Cardholder CRO Stake will be processed

7. Then a Pop-up will appear asking you to upgrade your card, select Proceed

8. Select the desired Card tier

9. The Upgrade is successfully requested!


  • Requires App Version 3.50 iOS/Android or later.

  • The new lockup will reset the timer and another 6-month period will start.

  • Your new Visa card will have a different number. Please update related payment information accordingly i.e. Spotify, Netflix, etc. Please register a new Priority Pass account by following the steps here. Note that you need to use a different email address to register for a new Priority Pass membership.

  • You cannot upgrade your card if your submitted address proof is under review.  Please wait for the review to be completed before upgrading.

  • Ensure that your existing Visa Card is not frozen. Funds from your existing card cannot be transferred to your new card if it is frozen.

For Visa cardholders with a NEW delivery address

Please follow the steps above and contact our support team thereafter with the request for an address change.

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