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How to Set Up Your App 2FA?

Information about app two-factor authenticator (2FA) setup

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All About 2FA

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional security layer to your password. With 2FA enabled on your account, you will have to provide your 2FA code when performing certain actions on the app.

How does TOTP work? is using a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) for Two-Factor Authentication, it involves generating a temporary, unique one-time 6-digit code* that only works for 30 seconds. To perform any actions that will affect your assets, you will need to enter this code besides the common password.

*Please keep in mind that the code should consist of numbers only.

Which actions on the app can enable 2FA?

  • Send crypto to other app users

  • Crypto withdrawal

  • Fiat withdrawal

  • Wallet address whitelist

Keep in mind that once the 2FA has been enabled, it becomes mandatory for all transaction types (Crypto or Fiat Withdrawal, Wallet Address Whitelist, Gift Card Purchase, Mobile Airtime, etc.). if you are using an Untrusted Device.

How do I set up 2FA?

Please refer to the step-by-step guide.

Which authenticators should I use?

Providing strong security and a great user experience are always our top priorities and we support various authenticators. There’s a great authenticator app we would like to recommend to you - Authy (Android) / Twilio Authy (iOS).

Authy is not only supporting generating a time-dependent 6-digit code like other authenticators in the market but also offering the following features:

Multiple-device functionality

2FA tokens automatically sync to any new device you authorize. And, if a device is lost, stolen, or retired, you can deauthorize it from any authorized device just as quickly.

Encrypted recovery backups

Authy takes advantage of encrypted backups in the cloud. In case you lose your phone, you can still access Authy (Android) / Twilio Authy (iOS) accounts from other devices

Please note that we are supporting various authenticators, you can still use any other authenticators like Google Authenticator, and you can change to Authy (Android) / Twilio Authy (iOS) at any time.

How to enable 2FA?

  1. From the menu in the app, tap on Settings > Security > 2-Factor Authentication > Enable 2FA

  2. Enter your passcode

  3. Scan the QR code with an authentication app or copy the code to add it manually, by pressing on the small papers icon.

  4. Minimize the app and open up the Authenticator app.

  5. In the Authenticator app, select the option to add another account.

  6. Then choose the option to enter manually the secret key (the long code we've copied).

  7. Paste the code in the text field by pressing and holding over it (you should see the option to paste).

  8. Save the changes.

  9. The Authenticator app will start to generate 2FA codes with an expiration time of 30 seconds. Please, bear in mind that the code should consist of numbers only.

  10. Press and hold over the 6-digit generated code in the Authenticator app to copy it. (Please ensure you can complete step 9 within the next 30 seconds)

  11. Open the app.

  12. After entering your normal passcode again, click on the blue button "Proceed to verify" and then paste the 6-digit code from the Authenticator app.

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