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This article will guide you through how to set up the Crypto.com application on your phone and what functions it has. Every section under "Contents" has a link that will redirect you straight to the information you're looking for. You can also find different articles attached that will help you better understand Crypto.com products.


Initial Passcode Authentication

The first step to accessing the App each time would be to type in your passcode. As an alternative, for your convenience and security, there is the possibility to log into the App using biometric authentication:

Home Page

Once logged in, this is the first page that you will be greeted by. The page provides all the essential information and functionality to begin trading crypto. Favorite cryptocurrencies which are starred through the "Track" section are shown here for convenience.

Top performers and news

Top performers are found right below the favorites and indicate the best-performing token(s), in terms of percentage gain within the last 24h. Crypto News is right below the top performers, this section provides insight into new updates on the platform.

Buy and sell options

By going to the main page, you will see the "Buy" and "Sell" options on the left.

Selecting “Buy” will bring up the tokens that are available for purchase. Once a token has been selected, it will bring up a new tab that will allow the selection of purchase method and amount.

After the selection of method and amount is done, a confirmation screen comes up, following that the transaction needs to be authenticated. Upon successful authentication, the purchase confirmation screen comes up.

Sell a token

Selecting “Sell” will bring up the tokens available for sale (or the ones you have available in your crypto wallet). However, if you have an insufficient balance, you'll be asked to select a different amount and try again. You can either sell your tokens for cash or crypto.

Clicking the “Transfer” button on the main screen will open the selection menu, where Deposit and Withdrawal will be available as options. When “Deposit” is selected, two depositing options will be displayed - Crypto Deposit and Fiat Deposit.

For Crypto Deposits, select the coin you are looking to deposit and from there the details for your wallet will appear on the screen.

Initiating a Fiat Deposit will bring up the Fiat wallet depositing menu, where you will be asked to set up a fiat currency wallet.

You can easily withdraw your assets by going to "Accounts", clicking on "Crypto Wallet", choosing the asset you'd like to withdraw, clicking on "Transfer", and choosing "Withdraw".

Selecting “Withdraw” brings us to a similar screen that allows the withdrawal of assets, be it crypto directly or in fiat. Selecting Crypto will prompt a menu of options to appear. Depending on which accounts are linked to the Crypto.com App, more options will appear, such as Defi/Exchange/Other users, if the App is allowed to see contacts on the device.

External wallet withdrawals bring up a new page, where external wallets are added and confirmed. Selecting Fiat will lead to the Fiat wallet menu for withdrawals. You can find more information about deposit and withdrawal information in this article.

You can easily access this option, once you tap “Pay”, which is situated next to the "Deposit" option on the home page. This option allows instant payments to friends or supported merchants.

  • Gift Cards - allows the purchase of gift cards with cryptocurrencies.

  • Airtime - allows airtime top-ups.

  • Scan - opens up the camera to allow scanning of QR codes for payments to friends or supported merchants.

  • Send - brings up a contact list, if the App is allowed permissions to view contacts. Can send to anyone, even if they do not have an App account, which will prompt the receiving party to create an account, if they do, the crypto is received, if not, it is returned within a few days.


Going back to the Main Page, you will see a widget icon situated in the upper left corner of the application. Once you click on it, the Settings menu will be displayed on the screen. You will see 10 different sections:

  • Account

    • Payment Currency (Select your preferred currency to display your balance and transactions and press the ‘Confirm’ button.)

    • Language (Select your preferred language and press the ‘Confirm’ button.)

    • PayString (Here you can register your unique PayString. You can find more information about PayString in this article)

  • App Customization

    • App Customization Settings (Here you can customize which section you land on when you open the app and add shortcuts.)

  • Pay

    • Refund Currency (Here you can select your preferred currency to settle merchant refunds.)

  • Security

    • Enable Face ID/Touch ID

    • Passcode Settings (Here you can select whether to or not to require a passcode when you open the app.)

    • Change Passcode

    • Tracking (Tracking can be allowed by clicking on the ‘Change Permissions’ button and selecting the ‘Allow Tracking’ option in your phone settings.

  • Notifications

    • Notification Settings (Here you have the option to enable/disable notifications, offerings, and alerts.)

  • Permission

  • Support

    • Help Center (This menu redirects you to our Help Center where you can find detailed information about all our products.)

    • Contact Support (Please use this menu to contact our Support Team)

  • About Crypto.com Visa Card

    • Terms & Conditions (Here you will be redirected to our Terms and Conditions)

  • About Crypto.com App

    • Fees & Limits

    • Terms & Conditions

    • Privacy Notice (Here you can read our Privacy Notice)

    • System Status (Here you can subscribe to our Crypto.com Status Page where we share updates regarding any ongoing issues.)

    • Visit Our Website

  • Crypto.com App Version

    • Log out


Right next to "Home", you can find the "Accounts Tab". Once you’ve entered the Account menu, here you can find all of the details regarding your accounts.

  • Total balance

    • Here you can see your total balance in Crypto Wallet, Crypto Earn, Crypto Credit, and Fiat Wallet. Also, if you wish you can make your balance invisible, by clicking the "eye" icon, situated next to your balance.

      After you click on the Crypto Wallet, a drop-down menu will appear displaying all of the cryptocurrency holdings that you currently have in your Crypto.com App. Each cryptocurrency will display the amount you have in the said token and the percentage movements of gains/losses for the day.

The same as the abovementioned applies for all of the fields below with the exception of the FIAT wallet - there you can only hold the supported FIAT currency of your FIAT wallet - this depends on your location. You can find more information about that in this article.

  • Daily Balance Movement

    • Right below the total balance is the daily balance movement in the currency you’ve picked. This field represents the gains or losses for the day in the currency you’ve picked. It varies between green and orange, depending on whether the balance movement for the day is positive (green) or negative


  • Portfolio Allocation button

    • In the upper left corner, you can see the Portfolio Allocation button. There you can see your total portfolio value. How it’s divided amongst different coins presented in a pie chart, and/or how it’s divided among the Crypto.com Products, meaning - how much of your portfolio value is divided among the Crypto Wallet, Exchange, Crypto Credit, Crypto Earn, etc.

    • This option stands for converting your small cryptocurrency balances (“Crypto Dust”) to CRO. Cryptocurrency dust is small cryptocurrency balances under the minimum trade (buy/sell) limits. This button will display an orange dot if you have dust in your crypto wallet(s).

  • Here you can see a history of all of your Account transactions, such as:

    • Cryptocurrency transactions (buy/sell/deposit/withdraw)

    • Stake Rewards

    • CRO purchases

    • Earn Deposits, etc.

*You can also export your transaction history as a CSV file and see your previous exports.

Super Menu

Once you have entered the application, you will be able to find the Super Menu button in the bottom middle of the screen. This is also called the "Lion menu”. You will be able to see what kind of option you may have in the screenshots below.

*Please do note that in some regions some of the options may be still unavailable.*

Once you choose this menu, you will see the below options and what they lead to (if applicable to your region:


  • Crypto wallet - leads to your Crypto balance

  • Track - leads to a list of currencies, which progress you will be able to track

  • Fiat Wallet - leads to your Fiat wallet balance

  • Recurring Buy - leads to the option of setting Recurring purchases


  • Card - leads to the Card section, where you can find the functionalities of the card

  • Pay - leads to the Crypto.com Pay option


  • Supercharger - leads to the Supercharger event

  • Credit - leads to the Crypto.com Credit option

  • Earn - leads to the Crypto.com Earn option


  • Rewards - leads to the Rewards page, where you can see the total rewards you have received (Referrals, cashback, etc.)

  • Refer - leads to the referring page, where your referral link is situated

Booking.com option

  • leads to the Booking.com site, where you can find discounted accommodations


You can find the shortcuts at the bottom of the Supercharger menu. This gives you the opportunity to set up 4 different shortcuts to products, which are your most-used options.

If you wish to change the shortcuts, you will be able to do so if you press and hold one of the displayed shortcuts. Once you have done so, you will see a menu of different options you can choose from:

Track Page

In the Track Section, you can see all cryptocurrencies and their status. It’s an easy way to track the coins that you might be trading.

Buy Currency

**Keep in mind that you can only buy cryptocurrencies that are currently available in the Crypto.com Mobile App.

Once you choose X coin, you will see a chart with historical data about it for up to 6 months in the past. If you choose to buy the X coin, you will face 2 different options:

  • Cash

  • Crypto

Set up Favourites

You can set “Favourites” by typing the coin name in the search bar and marking the star in the upper right corner to appear in yellow.

Create an Alert

Going back to the main Track page and clicking on the bell in the upper right corner will guide you through how to set an alert about the chosen currency. You can choose Target Price Alert or Percentage Movement Alert.


Once you go back to the main Track Page, the square in the upper right corner stands for “Notifications”. This is an easy way to stay up to date with the latest news about the currencies you marked as ''favorites''

Dark/Light Mode

On the main Track Page, in the upper left corner, you can find the option to switch between Light and Dark modes for the appearance of the Track Section.


Select and apply for a Card

In cases where you haven't selected and staked yet, you can choose your card by clicking on the card icon at the bottom right corner of the home page. You will see available cards and related benefits.

After choosing a Royal Indigo card, for example, the following requirements will appear:

Activate Card

On the other hand, if you have already received your card, you will need to activate it through the app. To do that, go to the Card menu and Choose Activate Card. You can find more information about that in this article.

Once you have activated your card, you can manage it through the app.

When you open the Card Menu, you can click on the upper right card corner to see additional information about your Crypto.com Visa card.

Additionally, you can check if your Card is active or either not Ordered/In process of delivery.

If your card is already active, you will be able to check the following:

  • Card Pin Number (you will be asked to provide a Birth date and Passcode/Biometrical in order to receive a PIN number)

  • Freeze Card Option

  • View your Card number

  • You can enable International Usage

  • Full Card Details, where you can see:

    • Card Type

    • Card Privileges

    • Card Benefits

    • Extra Staking Benefits (if any)

    • Card Fees

    • Crypto.com Visa Card Terms & Conditions

Additionally, you can check more information about the above-mentioned details in this article.

Card Pin Number Reveal

After verifying your identity, the PIN will be displayed. You can find more information about these sections in the screenshots below:

Once you decide to top up your card, you will be given 3 options to do that:

  • Crypto Wallet

  • Fiat Wallet*

  • Credit Card

*Note that to be able to top up your card using the Fiat wallet, you will need to have funds in the Fiat Wallet prior to topping up your Visa Card.

Exchange and Send

These two options stand for exchanging your currency and importing your Phone Contacts, in order to start transferring money to your peers right away.

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