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Learn more about the Crypto.com Exchange App and its features

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About Exchange App

The Crypto.com Exchange App (namely “Exchange App”) is the native mobile app for users to access the Crypto.com Exchange features.

Common Term


Enabled Device

A mobile device or other devices successfully registered by you for use in connection with the Exchange App, and services under this Agreement. An Enabled Device must not be Jailbroken and must meet the device requirements as disclosed in the “Device & Operating System” section.


Jailbroken means a device that has been freed from the restrictions imposed on it by the mobile service provider and/or the phone manufacturer without their approval, as applicable, and/or as otherwise described in the Exchange FAQs.

Eligible Jurisdictions

Users from eligible jurisdictions of the Crypto.com Exchange could use the Exchange App.

Device & Operating System

Only devices that meet the following device and operating system (OS) requirements can use the Exchange App (namely “Enabled Device”).

  1. Not a Jailbroken device.

  2. The device operating system is at least

    • Android: 8.0 and above (minimum supported Android SDK to be 26);

    • iOS: 15 and above.

Biometric ID Support

Only Enabled Devices could use Biometric ID as the login authentication for the Exchange App. Specifically for Android, a Biometric Tier of Class 3 - Strong is also required and the supported biometrics will differ based on the Enabled Device eligibility. As the best practice, please make sure your Enabled Device operating system is up to date.

Available Features

Currently, the Exchange App only supports Spot and Margin Trading and some of the basic features that are offered on the Crypto.com Exchange - as listed below.

We will be adding more supported features. Watch this space!

App Download

You could download the Exchange App from the App Store and Google Play. CRO DAX Limited is the listing entity on both app listing platforms.

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