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What is Trusted Device Management?
What is Trusted Device Management?

General information about Trusted Device Management Security Feature

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About Trusted Device Management

Trusted Device Management is a security feature that aims to increase application security by providing users ownership regarding which devices can access their Exchange accounts. Trusted Device Management allows a user to:

Authorize (or trust) a new device:

  1. Log In to your Exchange account with an unrecognized device or a non-trusted device

  2. Check your mailbox on your registered email, and enter the email OTP

  3. Enter login information (and 2FA verification, if enabled)

  4. Once verified and authenticated, the device will be added to the user’s Trusted Device list

View & delete a trusted device:

  1. Log In to your Exchange account

  2. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Security

  3. Tap Manage Devices under Trusted Device

  4. Tap Remove to delete any trusted devices from the authorized list

Users are encouraged to remove public devices that are added to the trusted device list after use for better security.

Exchange Web - Trusted Device Management

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