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Supercharger ( Exchange) - General Information
Supercharger ( Exchange) - General Information

Information about how to participate on Supercharger and how to calculate rewards score and rewards

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What is Supercharger?

The supercharger is a simple, flexible, and secure rewards platform that allows users to lockup tokens (with the option to withdraw at any time) in order to earn the most popular cryptos on the Exchange and App.

Who can participate in a Supercharger event? App users outside of Hong Kong SAR, Mainland China, and the USA.

Any verified Exchange user (Level: Starter or Advanced) is eligible to participate in Supercharger events.

How do I participate? Exchange

  1. Navigate to the Supercharger page

  2. Select an active Supercharger event

  3. Lockup* to the pool by clicking Charge Now

  4. Accept the Reward amount allocated to you

  5. Wait for rewards to be distributed

*Multiple lockups are allowed per user. App

  1. Launch the App

  2. Look for the Supercharger banner in the home screen or the menu

  3. Enter the latest Supercharger event by tapping Learn More

  4. Select Charge Now

  5. Select a supported cryptocurrency from your Crypto Wallet and enter the amount that you’d like to lockup

  6. Once the Supercharger’s charging period is over, accept the reward amount allocated to you

  7. Wait for rewards to be distributed on the Exchange or your App Wallet, depending on what you have selected

How does it work?

When a Supercharger event is in the “Charging Period”, users can lockup and withdraw tokens from the rewards pool as often as they wish. Next, in the Acceptance Period, users must accept their rewards based on the rewards score they accumulated during the Charging Period. Finally, users receive daily rewards during the Reward Period.


Duration: 7 to 45 days, depending on the event

Minimum Lockup: 100 CRO per lockup

Lockup & Withdrawal limits: Unlimited

Lockup from: Exchange wallet, App Crypto Wallet

Acceptance Period*: Immediately after the Charging period ends, we will determine your rewards score and reward tokens. Once this is confirmed, you have the option to accept it anytime during the Reward period.

*App users can accept their allocation in the App

Users can withdraw their crypto from the rewards pool at any time after the distribution.


Duration: 7 to 45 days, depending on the event

Total Reward amount: Pro-rata based on users' share of the total rewards pool

Reward distribution frequency: Daily

Reward amount daily: Total reward divided by reward period duration

Distributed to: App or Exchange Wallet, whichever platform you locked up to*

Calculating your Rewards Score & Rewards

Note: If your CRO balance is below a minimum amount, you will not be eligible to receive a reward. This minimum amount may be different for each event and is determined by factors including the amount of CRO you have locked up for the event, the locking up duration, duration of the event, and size of the pool.

Step 1: We take an hourly snapshot of crypto provided per user and the size of the entire rewards pool during the Charging Period

Note: The formulas below are based on these hourly snapshots. Snapshots of the rewards pool cannot be manually calculated by users, since this is captured every hour of every day of the event.

  • Rewards score = A / B

A: User’s total lockup across the event duration

B: Total pool size across the event duration

Step 2: We calculate users’ total lockup across the event duration

For example, during a 30 day event, a user locks up100 CRO from day 1 to day 10 for 24 hours per day.

They withdraw their 100 CRO, therefore providing 0 CRO from day 11 to day 20.

They then lock up 200 CRO for 10 hours per day from day 21 to day 30.

  • The user’s average lockup across the event duration = (100 CRO*10 days*24 hours)+(0 CRO*10 days*24 hours)+(200 CRO*10 days*10 hours) = 44,000

Step 3: We compute the total pool size across the event duration

Note: Users would not be able to calculate the total pool size on their own as this is based on hourly snapshots of the Supercharger pool size, which is constantly changing. The example below uses a static pool size for illustrative purposes.

Assuming the pool size is 4,400,000 CRO every hour of every day during the 30-day event:

  • Total pool size across the event duration = 4,400,000 CRO*30 days*24 hours = 3,168,000,000

Step 4: We determine users’ rewards score and final rewards

  • Rewards score = 44,000 / 3,168,000,000 = 0.0014%

  • Calculating rewards: If total reward pool is 10,000,000 LUNA → 0.0014%*10,000,000 = 138.89 LUNA coins awarded to the user

Step 5: Accepting your reward

To accept your reward, log in to your App or Exchange account and go to the Supercharger page.

Your total reward will be divided and distributed to you daily during the Reward Period.

If you fail to accept your reward allocation before the Reward Period begins, you will lose the portion of the reward that was scheduled to be distributed to you during the start of the Reward Period. If this happens, you are still entitled to the remaining portion of your reward, as long as you log in to the App or Exchange and accept your allocation during the Reward Period.

How to withdraw from a Supercharger event?

You can withdraw your contribution (partially or fully) at any time from the Supercharger pool.

  1. Login to App or Exchange

  2. Navigate to the Supercharger event from your accounts tab ( App) or dashboard ( Exchange)

  3. Click on the “-” sign to withdraw your contribution.

If the CRO is not withdrawn within the given timeframe, it will be automatically placed for the next event.

Supercharger Booster Bonus

Users will be randomly chosen to receive a booster bonus that multiplies their Supercharger rewards.

The number of winners and the multiplier to be applied may vary depending on the event. In addition to enjoying a rewards multiplier, winners will receive a commemorative NFT.

  • Booster Bonus distribution: 10% of the winners’ bonus rewards will be distributed daily during the Reward Period. The remaining 90% will be distributed within seven days after the end of the Reward Period.

  • Booster NFT: The NFT will be airdropped to the winners’ NFT accounts within seven days after the end of the Charging Period.

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