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Getting Started - Tax
Getting Started - Tax

Everything you need to know, including the steps and data required in order to start using Tax

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What is Tax? has launched Tax to assist crypto investors with their crypto taxes. You may refer to this section on the jurisdictions currently supported by Tax. Tax offers the following:

  • Full integration with popular exchanges & wallets and an easy-to-use interface that gets the job done in no time.

  • The first crypto tax online tool in the market that is entirely free for anyone who needs to prepare their crypto taxes. No matter how many transactions you have in the past years, we’ll handle the calculation for you at no cost.

  • An extremely simple and intuitive interface aiming to create the best user experience when dealing with tax matters. All results are transparent for review prior to getting your final results generated.

How do I sign up to be a Tax user?

You can sign up using your email address or Google account on the landing page below. You don’t need to be a user - in fact, we are bringing this service to every retail user to make your life easier!

Which documents are required?

You need to have the details of your cryptocurrency transactions across all your exchange/wallet accounts since the time you acquired your first coin. In order for us to generate the correct results, the entire transaction history must be in place to reflect the correct cost basis. You can refer to this article on how to import your transaction data into our tax tool.

What are the steps to prepare my tax reports?

Step 1: Register your account in Tax

Step 2: Select the tax settings you’d like to generate your tax reports. You may refer to this section on how to set up your tax settings page.

Step 3: Go to the Wallets & Exchanges page and import your transactions by the following methods:

  1. API synchronization with the supported wallets/exchanges

  2. Import the CSV file exported from our supported wallets/exchanges

  3. Blockchain synchronization by inputting a public address/key

  4. Go to the Transactions page and manually add your transactions

Step 4: Review your tax calculation on the Transactions page, and make amendments if necessary. You can also click on each transaction to view the calculation in detail. You may refer to this article on how to edit a transaction.

Step 5: Generate tax reports below on the Tax Reports page:

  1. Capital gains/losses CSV file, including the number of Proceeds, Cost basis, Selling expense, and Capital gain/loss

  2. Transaction history CSV file to keep books and records

  3. Income report to keep track of cryptocurrency you received

  4. Gifts, donations & payments report keeping records of all cryptocurrency you sent

  5. Expenses report keeping track of particular fee charges (e.g. gas fee from failed transactions)

Step 6: You may use the information in the downloaded tax reports to prepare your official tax forms

How do I ensure my tax reports are accurate?

  1. Add all wallets and transactions

    To get an accurate tax report, it is important to add all your wallets and transactions. A complete transaction history, it allows Tax to record the correct cost basis of your crypto and ensure the transfer transactions can be matched.

  2. Review transactions

    You may start with the “Send” and “Receive” transactions that you believe should be matched as “Transfer”. For more details on transfer transactions, you may refer to this article. You can also check on those transactions with unreasonably high gains and see if the market price/cost basis is correctly recorded. You may refer to this article for more details on capital gains.

  3. Review error messages

    After importing your transactions, you may find some error messages on the Transactions page. You may review those error messages and refer to this article on how to solve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my "Tax Settings" page?

Tax Jurisdiction

You will need to choose the country where you are filing your taxes in. It allows Tax to generate tax reports applicable to the tax rules of your jurisdiction. Please note that the "Set Net Worth" amount of all imported transactions would be cleared after you switch to another jurisdiction.

Base currency

We have restricted your choice here to be the currency of your tax jurisdiction. This base currency will be used throughout your tax calculation and tax reports. For transactions that are not in your base currency, we will automatically convert them into your base currency. You may refer to this article on the foreign exchange rate we used.

Cost basis method

The cost basis method varies based on your tax jurisdiction. We have therefore restricted your choice here. For countries allowing more options on cost basis method (e.g. New Zealand), you may consult your tax advisor on your choice. Please note that the cost basis method you chose here would be used throughout your tax calculation.

How do I read my "Overview" page?

Capital gains section

This section will show your total proceeds, cost, and capital gains/losses for all taxable events.

  • Proceeds: sum of all proceeds, valued at the time of disposal

  • Cost: cost basis of all crypto being disposed

  • Transaction fee: transaction fees on all taxable events with capital gains/losses

  • Net proceeds: sum of proceeds net with transaction fee

  • (Capital) Gains/Losses: sum of all capital gains/losses calculated on taxable events

Income section

This section will show your total income received for both taxable and non-taxable events.

  • Taxable: an overview of all taxable "Income" transactions

  • Non-taxable: an overview of all non-taxable "Income" transactions

  • Uncategorized: all "Income" transactions with unknown nature

  • Reversal: reversal of income with rebates reverted

Transactions section

This section will show an overview of the most recent 5 transactions. You can see all your imported transactions by clicking “See All” at the bottom.

Which currencies are supported? Tax currently supports more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinGecko. Our team is watching the market closely with new cryptocurrency support being added periodically.

Which exchanges/wallets are supported?

We offer native support for the most popular exchanges/wallets in the supporting jurisdictions including the following:


  • Avalanche

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

  • Bitcoin

  • Cronos

  • Ethereum

  • Fantom

  • Polygon


  • App

  • Wallet

  • Coinomi

  • Exodus


  • Exchange

  • Bibox

  • BigONE

  • Binance

  • Binance US

  • Bitbuy

  • Bitfinex

  • BitForex

  • BitMart

  • Bitrue

  • Bitstamp

  • Bittrex

  • BKEX

  • Exchange

  • BTSE

  • Bybit

  • Changelly Pro

  • Coinbase

  • Coinbase Pro

  • CoinJar

  • CoinJar Exchange

  • CoinSpot

  • DigiFinex


  • FTX


  • Gemini

  • HitBTC

  • Huobi Global

  • Kraken

  • KuCoin

  • LBank

  • MEXC Global

  • OKX

  • Phemex

  • P2PB2B

  • Shakepay

  • Upbit

  • WhiteBIT



We’re working on expanding our service to other jurisdictions and adding more support for wallets/exchanges throughout the world. If we currently don’t support your account, you can still import data through our Generic CSV Template.

Which countries are supported? Tax currently supports the following jurisdictions: Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We are working on adding more functionality to expand our service to more jurisdictions. We welcome your feedback and ideas to make our products better.

Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that information provided by to you in your use of the Tax Services is for your reference only and should not be considered a substitute for legal advice, tax advice, audit advice, accounting advice, or brokerage advice under the guidance of a licensed professional. Further, the information provided herein should not be taken as financial planning or investment solicitation. You acknowledge and agree that no fiduciary relationship has been created between you and You hereby understand and acknowledge that by using Tax Services, you are not being represented by a legal advisor, certified financial planner, tax professional, broker, other regulated advisors, or similar capacity.

There may be instances where you will be able to manually input information about your transactions. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any and all information entered and is not responsible for any information inputted incorrectly. makes no warranties as to the reliability or accuracy, completeness, or quality of any information you obtain through the Services.

This FAQ page is intended to be read in conjunction with the Tax Terms of Services.

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