How do I sign up to be a Tax user?

You can sign up using your email address or Google account. You don’t need to be a user - in fact, we are bringing this service to every retail user to make your life easier!

Which documents are required?

You need to have the details of your cryptocurrency transactions across all your exchange/wallet accounts since the time you acquired your first coin. Even if you need to only calculate your crypto tax for 2020, in order for the cost basis to be currently reflected, the entire transaction history must be in place for correct results.

What are the steps to prepare my tax reports?

Step 1: Register your account in Tax

Step 2: Import your transactions in our product in 5 ways:

  1. API synchronization with the supporting wallets/exchanges

  2. Import the CSV file exported from our supporting wallets/exchanges

  3. Import our Generic CSV Template for the non-supporting wallets/exchanges

  4. Manually add your transactions

  5. Synchronization from blockchains for Ethereum (ETH & ERC-20 Tokens) and Bitcoin

Step 3: Review your tax calculation in Transaction, and make amendments if necessary You can also click each transaction to view the calculation of capital gain/loss in detail.

Step 4: Generate the below tax reports on the page of Tax Reports:

  1. Capital gain/loss CSV file, including the number of Proceeds, Cost basis, Selling expense, and Capital gain/loss

  2. Transaction history CSV file for keeping the books and records

  3. Income report for keeping track of cryptocurrency you received

  4. Gifts, donations & payments report for keeping records of all the cryptocurrency you sent

  5. Expense report for keeping track of the particular fee charges e.g. gas fee from failed transactions

Step 5: You may decide to use the information generated in the downloaded tax reports to prepare your official tax forms.

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