Missing Crypto Deposits

Information on locating your crypto deposits sent to the Crypto.com App

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How do I check my deposit status?

You can check the on-chain deposit status by pasting the transaction hash provided by the withdrawal platform to the relevant blockchain explorer. This will show you the status, number of block confirmations, and if the transaction has been submitted successfully.

Here are the explorers for some commonly used networks::

Cronos POS (previously Crypto.org chain): https://cronos-pos.org/explorer/

How will I be informed of incoming deposits?

If all the deposit details are entered correctly on the withdrawal platform, you will receive a push notification and email about a pending deposit after the first block confirmation.

You will receive another push notification and email when your deposit is processed or after a required number of block confirmations, which varies by chain.

To view your transaction history, go to the Accounts tab and tap the ‘clock’ icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

Why is my deposit pending?

There are two reasons why your deposit is shown as Pending:

  1. The number of required block confirmations hasn’t been reached yet. You will be notified when your deposit is processed.

  2. If you are in a country where the Travel Rule applies, such as the UK and Singapore, you must submit additional information about your deposit. To do so, go to the Accounts tab and tap the Submit Now button on the pop-up regarding your crypto deposit at the bottom of the screen.

What should I do if I can’t see the deposit record?

If you cannot see the deposit record in the Crypto.com App, please first check the status on your withdrawal platform and the on-chain status via the blockchain explorer.

If the status is failed or pending, please contact your withdrawal platform, as the funds have not reached Crypto.com yet.

If the on-chain status is successful or completed, please double-check that you have entered the correct wallet address details. We cannot recover the funds if they have been sent to an address that Crypto.com does not manage.

Deposits of unsupported tokens

If you deposit an unsupported token, you can contact Customer Support to recover your deposit manually. Please note that fund retrieval may not be possible in some cases, and a manual recovery fee of up to 150 USDT/USDC will be applied.

Deposits with a missing or incorrect memo/tag

If you forgot to include a memo/tag or inputted it incorrectly, you can contact Customer Support to recover your deposit manually. Please note that fund retrieval may not be possible in some cases, and a 50 USDT/USDC manual recovery fee will be applied.

Deposits of NFTs

NFT deposits to the Crypto.com App are not currently supported. If you have deposited an NFT to your wallet address, please contact Customer Support for recovery.

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