Period: 9 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021

How does it work?

Missions reward our loyal users with Diamonds that they can then redeem for Rewards such as Mystery Boxes.

You can earn Diamonds by using’s App every day and by exploring the’ App!

What are Diamonds?’s App Diamonds are loyalty rewards points that users can earn for completing various tasks on the’s App.

Note: Diamonds have no cash or monetary value and are only offered for strictly promotional purposes.

How do I earn Diamonds?

  1. Activate the Missions feature by tapping Get Started

  2. Complete your daily Missions to earn Diamonds

  3. Come back to Missions and use your Diamonds to redeem prizes

The following Missions are recursive, and the timer resets daily at 00:00 UTC for the period of 9 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021.

Mission Name

Mission Requirements

Status Check

Open the Missions feature

Quick Quest

Buy/Sell USD 20 of crypto in a single transaction

Volume Venture

Buy/sell USD 500 worth of cryptocurrency in a 24-hour period.

* Only trades in the App will contribute to Missions (Recurring Buy is excluded)

** Trading Fees are excluded

*** Excludes all transactions between stablecoins and fiat currency, including: BUSD/USDC, BUSD/USD, XSGD/SGD, TGBP/GBP, TCAD/CAD, TAUD/AUD, GUSD/USD, GUSD/USDC, HUSD/USD, HUSD/USDC, USDC/USD.

**** Missions completion may take up to several minutes to process.

Note: Only users who activate the Missions feature are entitled to earn Diamonds.

The following Missions are monthly recursive, and the timer resets monthly at 00:00 UTC.

Mission Name

Mission Requirements

Crypto Master

Level up your crypto knowledge by

reading an article in University

* Read through the Article by accessing University at the bottom of Mission Control

What is the Redemption Centre?

Diamonds earned from completed Missions can be found in the Redemption Centre and are redeemable within 7 days.

Be sure to come back to the Redemption Centre regularly and redeem your Diamonds into your Diamond Vault before they expire!

How do I redeem Diamonds?

  1. Open the Missions feature

  2. Go to the Diamonds Earned to see how many Diamonds are pending redemption and their respective expiry dates

  3. Click Store Diamond in Vault

  4. The Diamonds will be moved to your Diamond Vault

  5. Now you can HODL onto your Diamonds!

Notes: Diamonds in the Diamond Vault never expire.

What is the Diamond Vault?

The Diamond Vault is your Diamond ‘Wallet’, where you can HODL onto your Diamonds.

How do I spend my Diamonds?

You can use Diamonds to redeem Rewards, such as Mystery Boxes.

Each Mystery Box costs 25 Diamonds, and contains up to USD 1,100 worth of CRO!

How to redeem a Mystery Box:

  1. Go to the Missions feature and click the Store button

  2. Click Buy Mystery Box > Pay 25 Diamonds

  3. You will instantly receive a Mystery Box—click on it to reveal your Reward!

How do I receive my Rewards?

After you open your Mystery Box, you’ll be able to withdraw your CRO Reward to your CRO Wallet in the App without fees.

How to withdraw your CRO Reward:

  1. Go to the Missions feature and click Diamond Vault > My Rewards

  2. You will see your CRO balance

  3. Click Withdraw to instantly receive the amount in your CRO Wallet

  4. Go to your CRO Wallet to check your new balancе

Additional Rules

  1. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the Program Rules here (

  2. Participation in this program and any redemption of Diamonds is optional.

  3. Users can only begin to earn Diamonds if they activate the Missions.

  4. Expired Diamonds will not be returned or credited to users.

  5. Diamonds cannot be exchanged for CRO directly.

  6. Diamonds are non-transferable or saleable to any other person and can only be used to redeem for rewards at the Missions Rewards Store.

  7. All redemptions are final.

  8. Diamonds will only be awarded for missions that are completed successfully.

  9. When the Period ends, uncompleted missions will be regarded as forfeited.

  10. Unopened mystery boxes will expire after 7 days if not open.

  11. Fraud and abuse relating to the earning of points in the Program or redemption of Rewards may result in forfeiture of accrued diamonds as well as cancellation of a Missions’s Program Account.

  12. reserves all rights to end this Program or amend any of the rules, missions, and rewards at any time without prior notice.

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