Badges - How do they work?

Learn how to acquire Badges, unlock in-app experiences, and more in the App.

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1. What are Badges?

The Badges feature is an achievement-based loyalty programme in the App, where each Badge represents a status associated with your in-app activity. The first collection of 20 Badges, which went live on 6 June 2023, rewards your trading volume. The Badges you acquire will be more valuable as you trade more.

2. Who is eligible for Badges?

All App users who have enrolled in Missions are eligible. To acquire your first Badge, simply buy or sell at least US$100 of any cryptocurrency.

3. Where can I find my Badges?

To view your Badges, go to the Missions feature from the home screen of the App.

4. What is the Badge airdrop?

The Badge airdrop refers to the distribution of the first collection of Badges to App users. The Badges you’re airdropped are determined by your 2023 trading volume starting from 1 January. Don’t worry if you haven’t traded yet — acquire your first Badge, ‘Freshman Trader’, by buying or selling at least US$100 of any cryptocurrency.

5. How do I acquire more Badges?

You can acquire more Badges simply by trading in the App. You can acquire your first Badge with a trading volume of US$100 and the ultra-rare ‘Transcendent Trader’ Badge when you hit US$100,000,000. Go to the Missions feature to discover which Badges you have acquired already!

6. What can I do with Badges?

As you acquire Badges, you gain access to exclusive in-app experiences, such as personalised home screens and messages. Each new Badge also comes with a surprise number of Diamonds, which can be used to redeem Mystery Boxes containing CRO, exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and more from the Missions Store. You can also share your Badges on social media to show off your achievements.

7. What transactions count towards Badges?

Badges are based on your trading activity in the App. The following transactions count towards your trading volume for Badges:

  • Non-stablecoin/non-stablecoin trades* (e.g., BTC/CRO)

  • Non-stablecoin/stablecoin trades* (e.g., BTC/USDC)

  • Non-stablecoin/fiat trades* (e.g., BTC/USD)

The following transactions do not count towards your trading volume for Badges:

  • Stablecoin/stablecoin trades* (e.g., USDC/USDT)

  • Stablecoin/fiat trades* (e.g., USDC/USD)

*Including Recurring Buy and Target Price orders.

8. How can I switch off the app customisations that come with a Badge?

To switch off app customisations you unlock by acquiring a new Badge, simply go to Settings from the App home screen and toggle off Enable Badge Tier Experiences under App Customisation.

9. Where can I find the Diamonds that I've been rewarded?

To view your Diamond rewards, go to the main menu > Missions > Vault > Swipe right to Diamonds > History. The diamonds you’ve been rewarded are listed as “Badge Diamonds Redeemed”. You can use these Diamonds to redeem Mystery Boxes containing CRO, exclusive NFTs, merchandise, and more from the Missions Store.

Airdropped Badges do not come with a Diamond reward. Only Badges that you unlock after the airdrop will come with the surprise Diamond reward.

10. How can I share my Badge?

To share your Badges, go to the Badges section in the Missions feature of the App. Look for the Share to Friends button below a Badge you’ve acquired. From there, you can post your Badge on social media and show them off to friends.

11. How long will my Badges last?

Once you’ve acquired a Badge, it will remain associated with your account indefinitely. There is no expiration or time limit for Badges.

12. What are the future plans for Badges?

We have exciting plans in the works for the Badges feature. This includes introducing more powerful Badge airdrops that reward both past and future activities in the App. Additionally, we will expand the utilities available to Badge holders, allowing them to unlock new experiences and rewards.

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