What is OTC Trading?
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What is OTC Trading?

The Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading service (“OTC Trading Service”) allows Crypto.com’s selected institutional and VIPs to place large block orders and receive custom quotes instantly. The OTC Trading Service is available 24/7, allowing transacted funds to be deposited and withdrawn upon trade confirmation.

If you would like to find out more about establishing an Institutional Account or joining the Exchange Global VIP Programme, please refer to the following links, or contact our Sales Team at [email protected] for more details.

Key details

The OTC Trading Services are offered as follows:


Key details

OTC Provider (Canadian residents)

Foris DAX, Inc

OTC Provider (outside Canada)

CRO DAX Limited

OTC Client Portal


These details may change. Please check these FAQs before you trade.

How do I register for the OTC Trading Service?

No additional registration is required to access the OTC Trading Service. If you are a Crypto.com selected Institutional or VIP user, you are automatically enrolled for it.

Is OTC Trading Service subject to additional requirements?

Yes – the following requirements apply to OTC Trading Service:

  1. Minimum Trading Limit: each quote and trade is subject to the Minimum Trading Limit of 50,000USDC or its equivalent for retail users; 100,000USDC or its equivalent for institutional users

  2. Maximum Quote Limit: you will only be able to submit 1 quote request every 10 seconds. There is a maximum quota limit of 5,000,000 USDC or its equivalent. If you would like to trade more than the maximum quote limit, please contact our Sales Team.

  3. Product: OTC Trading Service is applicable to the virtual assets specified here. For other assets, please contact our Sales Team.

How do I get quotes, place orders, and execute trades?

  1. Accessing OTC Trading Service: Click “Trade” >> “OTC” on the top navigation bar

2. Login or Sign Up: You will be taken to the “OTC Portal”. Click the “Login or Sign Up” button.

3. Get a quote: If you are eligible for accessing OTC Trading Service, you will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions applicable to OTC Trading Service for the first time usage. Upon acceptance, you will be able to get a quote by:

  • Clicking the “Buy”, “Sell”, or “Two-Way” tab. “Two-Way” tab means obtaining both Buy and Sell quotes at the same time (only one direction can be selected for each trade execution); and selecting your trading pairs.

4. Provide a quote: After clicking the “Get Quote” button in step 3, you will receive a quote instantly, indicating:

  • the trading pair and the trading quantity of the virtual asset;

  • the total amount payable or receivable by you with respect to the quote offered;

  • a 10-second timer showing when the quote will expire and be deemed to have been rejected.

The quote will be valid for 10 seconds. If you would like to proceed to trade execution, you must click the “Confirm Quote” button before it expires. Once expired, you may click the “Refresh” button to receive a new quote.


5. Confirm a quote: After clicking the “Confirm Quote” button, if the order is placed successfully, you will receive a trade confirmation through the Portal and email confirmation setting out all trade details. Payments are made automatically from your account to settle the executed trade and the amount will also be recorded instantly. If you do not receive a trade confirmation or identify any error in the trade confirmation, please contact our Sales Team at [email protected] immediately.

How much is the trading fee?

There is no additional fee for the quote obtained.

Where can I view my Quote History and Trade History?

There are 2 ways you can check your Quotes and Trade History:

  • OTC Portal - Click “Trade” >> “OTC” on the top navigation bar

You can view your Quote History (from the last 24 hours) and Trade History (up to 100 days) in the table underneath the Get Quote page.

  • Trade History - Go to the main Dashboard >> “Orders” >> “OTC” on the left navigation panel

You can view your Quote History and Trade History by clicking the “Quote History” and “Trade History” tabs.

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