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Video Authentication
Video Authentication

Useful information on how to properly submit authentication resources, when required by our customer support.

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For your account's security, whenever you need changes to be applied or information regarding your account, our customer support team may ask you to provide us a video recording of yourself, declaring specific information.

Video Authentication Process

Take a video recording of yourself where you:

  • Show a front and profile view of your face

  • State “security verification for”

  • State the date, including the year

  • Show the identification document (i.e., driver’s license, passport) you used to register your App account

Here are several things to keep in mind:

  • A video with a size of up to 100 MB can be uploaded via the in-app chat. If you send the video via email, there might be different size limitations depending on the provider.

  • You have to turn your head to at least one side so that your profile can be seen.

  • It has to be clearly visible that you are holding the document you registered with. The document must be legible enough to confirm its validity.

  • You should be the only person in the video.

  • You can use the timer of your camera to help you complete the requirements above.

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