Please check the Fees & Limits section in the app’s Settings, for the most current info on the minimum withdrawal amounts and fees, as they vary between different cryptos. Maximum withdrawal limit for all cryptos is BTC 10 (or equivalent) on a 24h rolling basis. 

There are no known issues with sending ETH and ERC20 tokens to external addresses, so long as the wallet or exchange you are sending your tokens to supports the token you’re transferring. If you’re not sure if the token (MCO, CRO, BNB ENJ or BAT) is supported by your wallet, please check with its developers first. 

In case no support is provided, start with sending the minimum amount possible. Only if the transaction is successful, proceed with sending the whole amount. While it may be more costly, it is definitely much safer - do remember, that once a transaction is posted to the blockchain, we will not be able to stop or reverse it. 

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