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Crypto Dust in the Exchange App
Crypto Dust in the Exchange App

Convert your small crypto balances to CRO in the Exchange App

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What is Crypto Dust?

Crypto Dust is a byproduct of cryptocurrency trades and transactions. Essentially, it refers to a trace amount of cryptocurrency that's left over after trades or transactions are complete. Typically, it has negligible monetary value and can even be lower than the minimum trading amount. This can prevent it from being traded on the Exchange.

How do I convert my Crypto Dust to CRO?

Step 1: Navigate to the Crypto Dust feature via the Services or Wallet screen.

Step 2: Select the balance(s) you wish to convert to CRO before tapping Review Conversion.

For your convenience, the first 20 small balances will be pre-selected.

Step 3: Review the conversion quote and tap Confirm Conversion. Please note that the quote you’re seeing will expire in 15 seconds.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have converted your small balance(s) to CRO.

If there are still small balances remaining in your Crypto Wallet, you will see the number of these balances displayed in a message like the one below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is considered as Crypto Dust?

When the balance of a particular coin is less than the quantity tick size of its USD pair, it will be considered as ‘Crypto Dust’. For instance, if there is 0.00000001 BTC in your Crypto Wallet and the BTC/USD quantity tick size is 0.00001, your BTC balance will be deemed as Crypto Dust and thus, eligible for conversion.

2. Why is there a 15-second window to initiate the conversion?

The 15-second window ensures that you are agreeing to convert your Crypto Dust to CRO at the most updated conversion rate. If you do not confirm your conversion within this 15-second window, you will need to refresh the page and obtain a new quote.

3. Is there a fee for converting Crypto Dust to CRO?

There is a conversion fee of 4 basis points (bps) for each quote. Rest assured that this fee will be clearly displayed alongside the final CRO amount you will receive in the confirmation screen.

Please be aware that any fees incurred for Crypto Dust will be represented as a deduction in CRO, and will be categorised under the 'CRYPTO_DUSTING' transaction type.

4. What is the maximum number of small balances I can convert on a daily basis?

You are allowed to convert up to 100 small balances to CRO every day.

5. Can I convert my Crypto Dust to cryptocurrencies other than CRO?

We currently support Crypto Dust conversions to CRO only.

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