Virtual Card (Australia, including New Zealand residents holding Australia-Issued Cards)

All frequently asked questions for Virtual Card AU (Including New Zealand residents holding AU-issued Cards)

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How do I apply for a virtual card?

You may follow the steps here to apply for a virtual card issued in AU.

When will I get my virtual card?

Virtual cards would be issued once your card application review is complete.

What's the difference between a virtual card and a physical card?

Virtual cards can be used to conduct top-up & online spending while waiting for your physical cards to arrive.

POS and ATM transactions are not supported by virtual cards, these transactions require a physical card.

How do I get my physical card?

You will first receive the Virtual Card and can then request to receive the Physical one from the app. You may follow the steps here to activate the physical Visa Card once received.

Tap "Get Now" on the card page after the virtual card has been issued

Does the virtual card require activation?

Virtual cards do not require activation. You may use the virtual card instantly for online spending after top-up via the App.

Card activation is only required for the physical card upon arrival.

How do I activate my physical Visa Card?

You may follow the steps here to activate the physical Visa Card once received.

Where can I find my virtual card information?

  1. Go to your card wallet

  2. Click ‘Card’ icon on the upper right corner

  3. Click ‘View Card number’

How does card upgrade work?

You may follow the steps here to request an upgrade. Virtual cards would be issued after the relevant amount of CRO is locked up.

How do I use Priority Pass™ with my virtual card?

You can enjoy Priority Pass™ access without presenting their physical card. Download the Priority Pass™ app and follow the steps here to register a membership. A Digital Membership Card (in the form of a QR code) will be available on the app for your lounge access. Priority Pass™ staff can scan your QR code at the reception desk to validate your membership.

Do virtual cards expire?

Virtual cards will expire like a physical card, the expiration date will be available on the App along with other card information.

Why are my virtual card's CVV and expiry date different than on my physical card's?

Once the physical card is activated in the App, the CVV and expiry date will sync and match the information on the physical card. If you have saved your virtual card details before at shopping platforms, please remember to update them.

Can virtual cards be added to Apple/Samsung/Google Pay?

You can link your Visa card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Currently, virtual cards issued in AU cannot be added to Samsung but we are working towards enabling this functionality.

Is there a fee to replace/upgrade a virtual card?

Replacement / Upgrade fee will only be charged when you request a physical version of the replacement / upgraded card.*

*With the exception of users who don't have a physical card and request a replacement/upgrade only for their virtual card.

My virtual card was compromised, can I get a new one?

Please freeze your card in App immediately and reach out to Customer Support to request a replacement virtual card.

What should I do if the pop-up window does not contain my card information after I click ‘View Card Number’?

You should close the pop-up window and try to click ‘View Card Number’ again. It could take a few times to successfully load the information when the network is unstable.

Please ensure that VPN is disabled and the mobile device is under good network connection when attempting to view the virtual card information.

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